Welcome to
Lavender Stalker!

W elcome to Lavender Stalker! We have one simple goal: helping you access great but hard-to-find lavender essential oils and culinary buds.

With more and more farmers turning to lavender as a beautiful and sustainable crop, there is increasing availability of fine artisan-distilled essential oil and culinary-grade buds from a wide variety of Lavandula cultivars. Whether you know these wonderfully fragrant plants by nicknames (“English lavender” or “French lavender”), by generic classes (“true lavender” or “lavandin”), or by Latin names (L. angustifolia or L. x intermedia), Lavender Stalker wants to help lavender enthusiasts find unusually fine oils or buds produced in the United States. We search for samples of small-batch essential oils and culinary-grade buds, assess and rate them for quality, and instruct consumers about how to obtain “the really good stuff.”

Lavender Stalker represents a new service sponsored by RavenCroft, a small lavender farm in northwestern Oregon that specializes in blended essential oils, using the lavenders that are grown and distilled on-site. You are invited to visit the RavenCroft Shop to discover the kinds of lavender-centric blends we offer. While we would love to toot-our-own-horn about RavenCroft products, the work of Lavender Stalker lies in the hunt for fine oils and buds from other accomplished growers and distillers. Announcements about new finds will be added regularly, so check back from time to time to see what products make the select list.

Invitation to lavender growers/distillers: If you have produced special essential oil or culinary-grade buds from Lavandula species, and wish to provide a sample for consideration, please click here for submission instructions.

Using the Lavender Stalker site: Below are four buttons that will take you to focused content.  Highly rated essential oils and culinary buds are sorted into three groups: LAVENDER for products derived from the species Lavandula angustifolia, LAVANDIN for products derived from the hybrid group Lavandula x. intermedia, and BLENDS & OTHERS for products derived from other Lavandula species as well as all blends of Lavandula derivatives.  The LEARNING CENTER button will take you to a question & answer section with a wealth of information that will help you understand many facets of the lavender-family.  One of the topics in the Learning Center specifically addresses the Lavender Stalker Relative Quality Index, and how to interpret its meaning.

An important word to the wise: Please be aware that any fine lavender product featured on Lavender Stalker has been produced by small-scale lavender growers, distillers, and bud-makers.  You can therefore assume that each product is available in very limited supply, and that once it has sold out, it can never be replaced exactly.  So, contact the seller ASAP if you find something that interests you.

SPREAD THE WORD! We encourage you to share the work of LavenderStalker.com with your lavender-loving friends and family.  We also value your referral of the talented creators of your favorite lavender-family essential oils or culinary buds.  Suggest that they consider sending a sample to Lavender Stalker, or let us know about them by emailing info@ravencroft.net.  We need to help made these dedicated artisans as successful as possible!