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PRODUCT: Culinary buds

CULTIVAR:  L. angustifolia ‘Miss Katherine’

GROWER: Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville, Oregon

SEASON:  2021

FRAGRANCE: The basic scent of these fine buds features a mild lavender tone over an herbal background, with slight acidic and savory taste impressions. When ground, the fragrance takes on a pleasant sweet and bright character with moderate earthy tone, and a developing dark herbal note that lightens and surrenders to solid, sweet herbal character in the late stages. If the fragrance is released by extraction, such as oils, fats, alcohol, or hot-water steeping, one is rewarded with mild, sweet floral tones and a bit of lemon. The drying and preservation of this preparation has been expertly managed. However, the bud of this cultivar is quite difficult to separate from its stalk, so some brown chaff is apparent. If benign chaff makes no significant difference to one’s culinary applications, then this product will deliver a satisfying lavender punch.

COLOR:               Light gray-blue.

STATUS:              Available for purchase; contact seller directly or use website.

OPTIONS:           0.5 ounce portions.

PRICE:                 $6 for 0.5 oz (price guarantee expires 12-4-2022)

SELLER:              Barn Owl Nursery


PHONE:               503-638-0387


PHOTO CREDIT for blooming ‘Miss Katherine’: