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PRODUCT:         Essential Oil

CULTIVAR:        L. angustifolia ‘Opal Rain’

GROWER:          Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville, Oregon

SEASON:             2019

FRAGRANCE: This oil opens with a relatively dry, woody-citrusy haze enveloping a pleasant floral note, followed by a hint of anise, becoming sweeter as a stem-like greenness develops. The pleasant and sweet core is bright and refreshing, with the green note poking through, still slightly citrusy. There is a remarkable longevity to the fresh green tones balanced with the sweet lavender scent. Deeper down, the fragrance remains sweet, with soft woody notes and a general tea-like tone. Even later, a light spiciness mixes with the woody and tea notes. The final impression is a thin but relatively bright reminder of herbal tea. With its refreshing fragrance, this essential oil will be especially appreciated by those who enjoy the memorable scent of fresh-cut greenery.

STATUS:              Available for purchase; contact seller directly or use website.

OPTIONS:           10 ml (1/3 ounce) bottles.

PRICE:                 $18 (price guarantee expires 12-4-2022)

SELLER:              Barn Owl Nursery


PHONE:               503-638-0387