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PRODUCT: Essential oil
CULTIVAR: L. x intermedia ‘Grosso’
GROWER: McKenzie River Lavender, Springfield, Oregon
SEASON: 2014

FRAGRANCE NOTES: This attractive ‘Grosso’ essential oil opens with a rich, mildly sweet and spicy set of top notes. The lavender core is appealingly clean and sweet, with a buoyant floral note. The underlying middle phase, rich and smooth with slight retained sweetness, gives way to an equally rich cinnamic-floral spiciness, and finally a thin and somewhat smoky terminal note. Overall a strong performer, start to finish.

STATUS: Available for purchase; contact seller directly.
OPTIONS: 15 ml (half ounce) bottle
PRICE: $27 (price guarantee expires 12-5-2022)
SELLER: McKenzie River Lavender
PHONE: 541-736-8575