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PRODUCT:          Essential oil

CULTIVAR:        L. x intermedia ‘Riverina Thomas’

GROWER:           Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain, Sequim, Washington

SEASON:             2021

FRAGRANCE: Bright, country-fresh, and somewhat medicinal with its camphorous haze, the prominent top notes cloud some underlying mild herbal green and slight orange-rind notes. As the core lavender-like scents intensify and sweeten, the vibrant dark herbal note that crosses over from the opening gradually fades, yielding a well balanced body of scent that becomes even more pleasant as a tobacco note kicks in. The sweet woods and tea tones of the base feature a hint of rosy-floralness that fades away, leaving thin but fresh and warm tea tones. This oil is not one that lingers for a late finale. For those who appreciate the bracing bite of dark herbs, this sturdy oil will deliver a firm green punch enveloped in lavender-y sweetness.

STATUS:              Available for purchase; contact seller directly.

OPTIONS:           10 ml (one-third ounce) bottle

PRICE:                 $12 (price guarantee expires 12-10-2022)

SELLER:              Fleurish Lavender of Lost Mountain


PHONE:               360-681-2782