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PRODUCT: Culinary buds

CULTIVAR: L. angustifolia ‘Folgate’, ‘Royal Velvet’, ‘Melissa’, ‘Hidcote’, & ‘Purple Bouquet’

GROWER: Willamette Valley Lavender, Canby, Oregon

SEASON: 2022


FRAGRANCE: As would be expected of a blend of unique lavender varieties, this mixture of 2022 buds provides a pleasant melding of many facets of lavender aroma, in a gentle, reserved manner.  You might describe an initial sniff of the blend as mild lavender with an overlay of herbal green notes.  But the fireworks go off when these buds are ground!  The resulting fragrance bursts with rich, intense lavender with the mild green herbal note dropping into the background.  With time, it develops a woody-peppery note.  In extracted form, the lavender taste is mild with a pleasing combination of floral, herbal and earthy scents in a composite soft, unaggressive flavor package.  The buds themselves are well-dried with preserved casings, and there is only a small amount benign chafe, making them appropriate for both sweet and savory applications.

COLOR: Mixture ranging from pale bluish gray to intense deep blue.

STATUS: Available for purchase; contact seller directly or use website.

OPTIONS: 2.5 ounce jar.

PRICE: $10 for 2.5 oz (price guarantee expires 4-20–2023)

SELLER: Willamette Valley Lavender


PHONE: 503-860-8346