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CULTIVAR:  L. angustifolia ‘Opal Rain’

GROWER: Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville, Oregon

SEASON:  2021

FRAGRANCE: The undisturbed buds throw a mild lavender aroma with a dry woody tone.  When ground, a bright, clear, “sweet and sour” lavender scent is released, with floral and slightly green notes.  One can also pick-up on a mildly acidic taste impression.  In extracts, the distinct lavender core is accompanied by a slight mushroom-like earthiness and minimal bitterness, followed by the development of rich tea tones.  Structurally, the buds are well-dried with good retention of form.  As these buds are much more difficult than usual to separate from stalks and flower remnants, there is a fair amount of harmless brown chafe.  Overall, this is a great bud for both sweet and savory applications whenever bud color and the presence of some benign chafe will make no significant difference to the end-product.  Particularly good results can be anticipated for recipes using ground bud.

COLOR:               Pale bluish gray.

STATUS:              Available for purchase; contact seller directly or use website.

OPTIONS:           0.5 ounce portions.

PRICE:                 $6 for 0.5 oz (price guarantee expires 3-4-2023)

SELLER:              Barn Owl Nursery


PHONE:               503-638-0387