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PRODUCT: Essential oil

CULTIVAR: L. angustifolia ‘Melissa’
GROWER: Park Place Perennials, West Linn, Oregon
SEASON: 2022

FRAGRANCE NOTES: Opening with a fantastic dry, rich, mushroomy-earthy complex of savory top notes, this white lavender oil identifies itself in no uncertain terms.  The characteristic earthy richness lingers far into the lavender core which gradually sweetens but maintains its affinity for “meat & veg” rather than floral bouquets.  The middle notes gradually dry into a soft, dusty woody tone with a slight floral quality, before moving on to warm sweet tea tones.  The very soft base carries deeper with the mild tea notes, and a lingering green nuance that pushes right down to the mild bottom notes.  Here is a fine example of the savory power that ‘Melissa’ can develop.

STATUS: Available for purchase; contact seller directly.
OPTIONS: 10 ml (1/3 ounce) bottle
PRICE: $24 (price guarantee expires 3-12-2023)
SELLER: Park Place Perennials
PHONE: 503-686-1606