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PRODUCT: Essential oil
CULTIVAR: L. angustifolia ‘Pacific Blue’
GROWER: Park Place Perennials, West Linn, Oregon
SEASON: 2022

FRAGRANCE NOTES: In isolation, the top notes of this fine oil come across as dry and dusty, dominated by slightly harsh terpenic compounds.  But — no worries — because these top notes are too weak to distract from the sweet, rounded, well-balanced, floral beauty of the solid lavender core that pokes through right to the top.  This remarkable lavender core boasts a sweet character that lasts a remarkably long time.  As it slowly dries, its underlying strong, rich tea tones emerge, and these linger as a warm, mellow base while the scent fades away.  This special oil deploys a gorgeous progression of L. angustifolia fragrance notes from its mighty core to the very end. 

STATUS: Available for purchase; contact seller directly.
OPTIONS: 10 ml (1/3 ounce) bottle
PRICE: $24 (price guarantee expires 3-12-2023)
SELLER: Park Place Perennials
PHONE: 503-686-1606