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CULTIVAR:  L. angustifolia ‘Melissa’

GROWER: Willamette Valley Lavender, Canby, Oregon

SEASON:  2022

FRAGRANCE: Right out of the container, these buds project a fresh, earthy, and savory aroma, with a citrus note leaning toward orange.  The sensitive nose may also detect a mild, dry green-stem facet.  When ground, the fragrance becomes bright and strong, preserving its earthy and citrus aromas, but also developing over time some soft floral notes.  The extracted taste is mild, bringing forward the savory, earthy notes, particularly mushroom.  These buds are well-dried and prepared with intact casings, and a mild to moderate degree of harmless chafe.  Overall, this bud offering performs as one would expect for the variety, with the added nicety of the early citrusy-orange note.  It maintains its savory appeal and utility in all forms.

COLOR:               Pale bluish gray.

STATUS:              Available for purchase; contact seller directly or use website.

OPTIONS:           2.5 ounce portions.

PRICE:                 $10 for 2.5 oz (price guarantee expires 4-20-2023)

SELLER:              Willamette Valley Lavender


PHONE:               503-860-8346